Change password (Expired password)

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You can change your password from the Change Password window. Enter the Old Password and then enter New Password twice.

Requirements for new password:

must contain only Latin letters, numbers and special characters
must contain 8 to 25 characters
cannot contain identical characters
must be different from your current password
must not match your current username


The indicator at the bottom of the window shows how secure and reliable a new password is:

Weak password – red colour
Fair password – yellow colour
Strong password – green colour





If your password has expired when you try log in, a Password expired message will appear in the dialog window. Enter the username and the email address you need upon account registration and you will receive an email containing link from which you can make the change. If you fail to do that, you will not be able to log in-to your account. This window will appear every time you try log in:



When your password is due to expire soon, every time when you try log in, dialog window you will appear, informing you how many more days your password will be valid for:



The Yes button opens the Change Password window. The No button closes the dialog window. If you do not change your password, this message will appear again the next time you try log in.