Adding an Indicator to a Chart

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1) Adding a new indicator below the chart

When you right-click on the chart area, the following menu appears:




Click on Add new indicator area. A new window is displayed, from which you can add and change indicators in the selected area:



From the drop-down menu in the upper part of the window you may add indicators to the selected area. You may also delete an indicator by selecting it and using the Delete button.

You can also change the properties of the indicator. You can edit the formulas of the indicators by pressing the More button. The Parameters section is for editing the parameters of the indicator.


2) Adding an indicator below the chart in an existing area

From the Context menu (right-click on the chart area) select Edit Indicators in this area. An Overlay Manager window opens and you can add, edit or delete indicators in the selected area:



3) Adding a new indicator to the chart

From the context menu select Add/Remove Overlay Indicators. The Overlay Manager window displayed above opens and you can add a new indicator. If you do not see the indicator you are searching for, you may open the full list of indicators by selecting the More button.