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The File menu has the following commands available:





Open Drawing - Opens a previously saved drawing you have made.
Save Drawing - This feature saves your last drawing as a Chart drawing file (.chw).
Save Screenshot - Saves a graphic file of the current view of the chart. You may save and send the picture to a friend or to a broker. The picture can be saved as a file with one of the following extensions: bmp, jpeg, gif, tif, png.
Export Graphic - Exports chart data. To export chart data, you need to select the chart interval (1 minute, 5 minute, etc.) and choose the period. You can not export more than 1000 candles of an interval.
Open Skin - Opens an existing skin form. The skin is a combination of preliminarily set colours and fonts in the chart.
Save Skin - Saves the currently set chart colours and fonts as a chart skin (.chs).
Print Preview - Displays the positioning of the chart on a sheet of paper, without printing it.
Print - Prints the chart displayed.