Options Menu

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The Options menu allows you to change the settings of the Chart Module.




From this menu you can change the following settings:

Colours - opens a new window from which you can change the outlook of the Chart Module (e.g. the colour of the cursor, background colour, etc.):



Environment - from here you can move the Y scale from left to right and see only the last date:



Indicator Areas - set the number of the indicator areas shown:



Ready Skins - shows a menu with five skins for you to choose from:



Extra Options - from the extra options menu you have three options to select from:



Delete Cache - deletes the cache
Show to Date - displays a calendar from which you can see the traded instrument's chart for a previous date
Limit-Stop Position - shows any Limit-Stop positions


Button clip0275 opens the chart in another window outside the current platform layout.

Button clip0276 opens the chart inside current platform layout.