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The View menu menu allows you to show and hide different panels from the chart:



1) Drawing Panel

With the drawing panel you are able to draw and insert graphic objects onto the chart. You can also insert comments, keep a close watch on the quote movements, and outline certain price zones.The drawing panel appears to the left side of the chart:




In order to draw an object, you need to select it from the Drawing Panel. When you hover over it, its name will appear. After you select the object, you can use the mouse to draw it on the chart.

The panel for setting the Precursory Properties is located at the lower-left corner of the drawing panel. It defines the parameters of the object to be drawn. Having the settings above, if you drew a line, it would be one pixel wide and it would be drawn as a solid black line. The parameters of the object are preliminarily set, but can be customised.

2) Objects Tree

Displays a list of the objects which have been drawn on the chart. By clicking on a certain object, it is selected and you can see it on the chart. Should you wish to change the properties of an object or delete it, you need to select it first.



3) Object Properties

From this panel you are able to set the Design, color, width, etc. of the object drawn.



4) Zoom Control

The Zoom control allows you to (displays a scroll bar right below the chart):




Scroll the chart
Fit the chart in the visible area of the display
Zoom in the chart - you zoom in by clicking the "+" button next to the scroll bar
Zoom out the chart - you zoom out by clicking the "-" button next to the scroll bar

5) Info Panel

The Info panel provides detailed information about the selected chart point (open, close, values of the indicators of the chart, etc.).



6) Trading Mode in chart

    If you want to trade through the chart just activate Trading Mode. This option allow insert/remove the Price window in chart:



7) Speed Bar

Displays a bar at the bottom of the Chart window with the following options:



Shows the Drawing Instruments Panel.


Shows the Objects Tree Panel.


Shows the Object Properties Panel.


Shows the Zoom Control Panel.


Shows the Info Panel.



Activates Auto Scaling (defines if the chart will fill out the zone vertically):

- Auto Scale On – the chart always osculates the edges of the screen when scrolling;

- Auto Scale Off – the chart does not change when scrolling.


The mouse cursor might be displayed as a + or as a forefinger


The levels of Limit/Stop Positions are displayed, overlaying the chart.


Deletes the selected object.


Sets the colours of the chart (the skin).


Shows/hides the last few values of the indicators overlaying the chart.


Shows the X scale for every indicator


Add/Delete indicators from the chart.


Edit formulas.


Positions the Y scale at the left- or the right-hand side of the chart.


Draws a vertical to Grid Y lines behind the chart.


Draws a parallel to Grid X lines behind the chart.


Saves a screenshot of the chart as a file with one of the following extensions: .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .tif, .png;


Shows the chart fluctuations up to a certain date.


Shows the current Bid price of the instrument on the chart;


Shows the current Ask price of the instrument on the chart;


Activate/Deactivate Trading Mode (insert/remove Price window in chart).