Customise Your Platforms

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The new Delta Trading 6 platform offers a highly customisable and flexible workspace while not cutting back on its rich functionality. You can manage your workspace in way you want to, no matter whether you prefer all the windows situated in the platform's main workspace or you want them anywhere on your desktop. 


When you log in to the platform for the first time, you get the default workspace loaded, as seen below. 



Dockable tabs:


If you right-click on any tab in the platform, the below context menu will appear:



Close All But This - Closes all other active windows such as PositionsOrders, etc, leaving only the current one open.

Floating - If checked, pops out that tab, and you may place it anywhere on your desktop. It will be independent from the main platform workspace and you can minimise it or just place it anywhere you want to. In order to place it back in the main workspace, you have to right-click on the Floating window's title bar and the context menu will appear:




In order to send the floating window back to your platform workspace, just click on Tabbed Document and it will be returned to its place.


Dockable         - allows you to fit the tab into any other section of the platform. One option is to dock it as a separate window; the other is to place it as a another tab in an existing window.



Floating windows, including an Always on Top option
Resizable windows inside the main platform workspace
Any window in the platform workspace allows you to place it wherever you want. All tabs can also be moved to a window of your choice
Any column can be placed on any chosen position within the panel. You can drag the column's title bar to the place you want it to be.




You can even merge them into one column if you wish to save space:






If you wish to show or hide a column, click the button in the upper-left part of the panel:




You can further manage and save your customised platform settings using the Layout Manager:




Reset Platform layout

Whenever you logout, the platform will retain its current layout which will reload on the next login. To restore to the default layout use:


buttons Reset Platform layout (Settings icon in the Tools tab)



Reset Platform layout (Main Drop-down Menu)



button Reset Platform layout (Layout Manager icon in the Tools tab)



You can change the layout from the Layout Manager or the drop-down options in the upper-right corner of the platform: