Execution Modes

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Orders can be executed in two ways by Deltastock:

Market Execution Mode

You can set this mode if you untick the Click and Deal check-box (Tools > Settings > Click and Deal check-box).

In this mode orders are executed at the price you were quoted with. In fast-moving markets, by the time your order reaches the market, the price of the stock could have changed and you will be offered a new price (re-quote), which you might accept or reject.

In Market execution mode it is possible that you get a re-quote on the price when submitting the order. In this case you can choose to cancel the order or execute it at the new price. The time for this decision is 6 seconds through the New Order Requote window. If you don't select Cancel or Execute within 6 seconds, the order will be cancelled:



Click and Deal

This is the default execution mode in Delta Trading 6.

What is a Click and Deal execution mode?


Click and Deal is a mode in which orders are executed at the price obtainable on the market, rather than the price at the time you place the order. During high market volatility, prices change rapidly, so the price at the moment the order was executed might differ from the price you saw when you sent the order. The order will be executed at the new price and you will not have the option to accept or reject the new price, as it is in Market Execution mode.


Always remember that when Click and Deal mode is ON, each click will force a deal and the price of the deal might differ from the requested price!


Click and Deal Order:


You can deactivate/activate the Click and Deal mode by ticking the Click and Deal check-box in Settings window:



A warning message appears after you have checked the Click and Deal option if you have ticked the Click and Deal activation warning check-box: