Place Your First Order

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Below you can see the main toolbar and its menus:






We will start by placing a market order to BUY 1000 EUR/USD.

Click on the New Order icon in the main toolbar and the New Order window will appear:




Select the instrument you want to trade from the drop-down list of Instruments.





Then enter the quantity of lots of the order (in Delta Trading, 1 lot is equal to 1,000 units). In our case, type "1" (1 is filled in by default). You can also choose the up and down arrows to enter the quantity.





Select the trade operation you want to perform (Buy or Sell) and then click the corresponding button. The order will be executed in Click and deal mode, which is the default execution mode in Delta Trading 6.



click on the buy button




After clicking the Buy or Sell button, a conformation window will appear, showing various parameters of the order.







Receiving a trade conformation means that the order has been executed successfully at the price stated.


trade confirmation


You can see a list of all your orders by clicking the Orders button in the Main Toolbar:



orders button


In the Orders section you have access to all the details for all orders you have placed using the various filters.






If you hover over the Executed price column of some executed pending order you can see what is your profit from this order:



Note: The ID numbers of all Logical orders (including Conditional orders in logical mode and Stop/Limits to open logical positions) will be colored in purple.