Good After Time Orders

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What is a Good After Time order?

Sometimes you may need to trade on a market whose trading hours are not convenient for you. For example, the Japanese Stock Exchange opens at 9 a.m. JST (Japanese Standard Time), which is 2 a.m. in Western Europe. There is a good chance that you will be asleep at that hour. In that case, you can request that Delta Trading places an order for you when the Japanese market opens.


Good After Time orders are Market, Limit, Stop, or OCO orders which will be placed by the system at a predefined point in time. In addition to all instructions included in the order, such as volume, type, and price, you can also set the moment in time at which the order will be activated by the system. Good After Time orders always are executed in Click and Deal mode.


1. To place a Good After Time order, you need to tick the Good After Time Order check-box:


Placing a Good After Time order


Each Good After Time MARKET order will be executed in the Click and Deal mode, since when it gets executed, you might not be around to accept or reject a requote.


2. Select the quantity you want to trade from in the Quantity field. Just enter in the desired amount.


3. Specify the date and time the order will be placed by the system. You can directly edit the Date field or press the button to select it from the calendar. Note that the time should be at least 10 minutes after the current time. Otherwise you will see a warning screen:



The other parameters are set in the same way as for the normal order types - Market and Limit/Stop/OCO


4. Then press the Place button. A confirmation appears at the bottom of the New Order window, stating that your order was successfully received and confirmed. 


                      Good After Time Order confirmed

Note: You cannot place Good After Time orders when in Logical mode.

Good After Time Order List

You can see a list of all your Good After Time orders (requests) by pressing the Time orders tab in the Orders[****]window:

The Good After Time order list appears:                clip0052

Good After Time Order List

It is very similar to the Orders List[****]window:


Order ID - the Order ID is a unique identification number assigned to the order when it is received on the server;
Trading Operation - B for Buy and S for Sell;
Instrument - the symbol of the instrument;
Quantity        - the amount of the order in UNITS;
Placed Price - this is the price (Bid or Ask, respectively B/S) that the order was placed at;
Validity - Depending on its validity period, it could be a GTC order (Good Till Cancelled) or a Day order (Valid only through the day);
Order Type - orders can be of the following types: Market, Limit, Stop, OCO; 
Place Date - this is the date the order was placed on;  
Date/Last Change On - shows when the actual Market (or Limit, or Stop) order was executed (or cancelled);
- will be "0" if the requested order is not yet placed/executed and will be equal to the ID of the executed order.


The Orders button will open (bring to front) the Orders List window;

Cancelling a Good After Time Order

If you don't want a Good After Time order to be placed, you can cancel it by right-clicking on it and selecting Cancel Order from the Context menu.

cancel time order


Good After Time order can only be cancelled if its status is Confirmed. When you click on the highlighted status, a dialog appears asking you to confirm the action:


If you select Yes, the order will be cancelled and will disappear from the Orders list.

The Context menu item Orders will focus the Order List Window