Instrument List Window

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The Instruments List window contains a list of all instruments available for trading. From this window you can add instruments to the Dealing Rates windows, where you can monitor their prices and other online market data.

The window can be accessed in several ways:

From the Add Instruments icon - clip0136  at the top of the Dealing Rates windows.
From the Context Menu in the Instruments column of the Dealing Rates window;




As we offer 1,000 instruments for trading, we have grouped them by type so you can easily find the one you are looking for. You can also find an instrument by typing its name (or only part of it) in the Search box - e.g: type "Bit" and then press search. All instruments containing the specified search term will appear in the right panel of the window.




The instruments that have already been added to the Dealing Rates window are marked with a check. To add an instrument, just tick its check-box.

The newly-added instruments will appear in the tab which had been active when you opened the Add CFD Instruments list. The name of the tab to which they will be added is at the its top. In the above example, it is the Forex tab.





The Info  button gives you information about the selected instrument. If that information is not available, this button will be disabled. Hovering over it or clicking on it will display a brief description of the instrument, its trading hours, margin requirements, etc.