Logical Positions

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To switch Logical Mode on, tick the corresponding check-box in the upper-right corner of the platform, and after that, open the New Order window.

Logical positions can also be viewed in the Positions window:



In the Positions window, Logical positions are indicated with the + box. Click on it to expand your Logical positions you have.



To close a Logical position, right-click on it and select Close from the context menu, or use the Close Position button - "X" of the position.



Note that if you have Stop (Limit) orders attached to a Logical position, they will be cancelled after the Logical position is closed.

Note that Logical positions in the same instrument can be merged (netted):

For example:

You have 3 lots EUR/USD long, and 2 lots EUR/USD short.

Select the positions you want to merge by ticking each of the check-boxes. To mark all logical positions in that instrument, tick only the main check-box at the top.

To merge positions, right-click on one of the positions and select Merge Positions from the drop-down menu:



When you have done this, there will remain only one EUR/USD position:



Some instruments have a maximum allowable amount of their position. Example, there are from Cryptocurrencies. If you trying to close a logical position, which will change the common position in don't allowed amount will appear alert window: