In the My Account tab you can find detailed information about your trading account. This menu provides an easy way to send withdrawal requests, fund your account, and print out account statements for a specific date.



In My Account > Accounts tab you can see details about:

The floating profit/loss of your open positions; 
The net amount of deposits/withdrawals;
The current realised P/L;
The Unrealised P/L.

Your account is split into several sub-accounts, each of them representing different aspects of your trading account. The grid shows details about each of them.

As the information in the grid changes with each market move, you need to reopen the window to get the latest information.




The Account Items column shows the name of the sub-account.

The Amount column shows the current amount in the respective sub-account in the currency of the account.

The Description column explains in detail each Account Item.


The Account Transactions tab shows you all transactions which took place in your account.


hmtoggle_plus1        Statements

Select the month and year from the drop-down controls. As soon as you click on the day, the login page will appear. When you log in to your account, the relevant statement will appear in HTML format in your Internet browser:





Select the month and year from the drop-down controls. As soon as you click on the day will appear login page. When you login with your account, the relevant statement appears in HTML format in your Internet browser:






Note: This option is not available in the demo version of Delta Trading 6.

hmtoggle_plus1        Trading Conditions

The Trading Conditions button - clip0337 opens a page on our website, which contains information about the fees and commissions, as well as the swap figures for all currency pairs.

hmtoggle_plus1        Deposit 

You can deposit funds to your live trading account:

via bank wire
via credit/debit card - Master Card and Visa
via Skrill

To fund your account, click on the Deposit button in the My Account menu. A new web page opens, from which you can choose the payment method, and also get needed details:






You can see the deposited amount in the Accounts window. There isn't fee applied when you fund your account via Internet Payments (Visa/MasterCard debit and credit cards and Skrill system) and Bank Wire Transfers.


Payments via bank wire are received by Deltastock's servicing bank within three to four business days and are credited to the client's account on the day of receipt. All wire transfers should include the client's name (Ordering client’s name) and the client’s contract # (Details of payment) in the reference sections of the wire. The incurred bank commissions on the wire will be charged from the amount transferred!


Please note that the originator of the funds must always match the name listed as the Client’s name on the trading account.



To withdraw funds through Delta Trading 6, you have to follow these steps:


1. Click on the Withdrawal button in the My Account menu. The Withdrawal window opens:




2. Select Account Number/IBAN. If you do not have one, click the Register Account button and fill in the information in order to register a new one:




When you have filled in the information, click Add New Account to register the account. After you have done this, select the newly-created account from the previous window:




3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the Amount box and click the Send Request button and you will see the request status, along with the last 10 requests in the All Requests tab. If you change your mind, you can always cancel the request by selecting it and clicking Place for cancellation.



You can edit or delete an account that you have previously entered from the Edit/Delete account tab. 

Note: If you have pending requests on this account, you cannot change it or delete it. 



NOTE: When the base currency of your bank account is different from the base currency of your account at Deltastock, the transferred funds will be converted to the base currency of your trading account at the current exchange rate.

NOTE: The incurred bank fees and commissions on foreign wire transfers are at the Client's expense and are charged from the amount requested for withdrawal.


NOTE: You can place withdrawal requests at any time; however, Deltastock will process the payments within the working hours of the Back-Office and the Accounting Department. The processing of the payments also depends on the working hours of Deltastock’s servicing bank and also the standard settlement of currency transactions.


hmtoggle_plus1hmtoggle_plus1        Account Transactions

If you click the Account Transactions tab, a window will appear, from which you can monitor all previous transactions and keep track of your account history. You can search transactions using filters From dateTo date and Type AccountTotal is the value of the difference between the Debit and Credit amounts.