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The Trading toolbar is the main navigational tool in our trading platform. It provides access to all platform functions. From the toolbar you can place new orders, monitor positions, adjust platform settings, access advanced charting and a variety of other functions.

The shortcut tabs (Trading, My Account, Market Analysis, Tools, Help) allow you to quickly access the most commonly used commands in Delta Trading 6.

Trading Menu


It is the main access point to the trading functions of the platform.



New Order         - Opens the New Order window from which you can place a new order (Read more);
Conditional orders - Opens the Conditional Orders window which by default displays the base orders for all instruments;  
Positions                 - Opens the Positions window from which you can monitor your open positions;
Orders                 - Opens the Orders window, where you can track your orders;
Good After Time Orders         - Opens the Good After Time Orders window, where you can track your time orders; 
Position History         - Opens the Position History/Last Orders window which helps you track all the executed trades of a given position or instrument;
News                 - Opens the News window which provides a comprehensive daily coverage on all the issues that affect the foreign exchange market (read more);
Chart                - Opens the drop-down menu in which you can select the desired instrument and open its chart. Delta Trading's Chart Module visualises the changes in the quotes, shows currency fluctuations, price history and will be your primary focus while performing technical analysis (detailed description here).         

My Account Menu




My Accounts         - opens the My Account window, where you can get various information about your accounts and account transactions;


Withdrawal         - opens the Withdrawal window, where you can manage your withdrawals;                


Deposit                 - allows you deposit into you account using a secure login process. Opens a window, where you can chose from several options how to deposit funds in your account - Bank Wire transfer, Credit/Debit card deposit, Skrill or ePay;


Statements         - allows you to view your account daily statement for a specific date. When you click that icon, a calendar appears, where you can specify the date for which you want to view your daily statement. As soon as you click on the day, the relevant statement appears in HTML format in your default Internet browser. Note: This option is not available for demo account holders;


Trading Conditions - opens the Tarriff of Interest Rates, Fees and Commissions of Deltastock.


Trading Statistics - opens Trading statistic windows, where you can analyse your trading activity by tracking different metrics and a set of recorded statistics that will help you analyse your overall trading activity:
P/L (Account Currency)* – the P/L result calculated in the currency of the account, converted at the current exchange rate;
P/L % - the same result as a percentage;
LPI (Limit Price Improvement) - Shows the total profit from all executed pending orders in this instrument at a better price than requested, about the selected period (tab Day/Week/Month/Total);
P/L (Currency of the instrument) – the result from each position calculated in the currency of the account and of the instrument (by default the column is hidden);
Total P/L – the aggregate P/L result from all positions since you started trading on your account calculated in the currency of the account. Taxes and interest included;

Pie Charts:

Trades – shows the number of executed trades sorted by instrument type (Currencies, Shares, Indices, Metals, Futures);
Profit – shows the positive P/L from executed orders sorted by instrument type;
Loss – shows the negative P/L from executed orders sorted by instrument type;


Profit/Loss Chart        - opens a window in which you can check the performance of your account displayed on a chart and apply different indicators.


Reset Demo Account - when logged in with a demo account, you can reset your account. In this way, all your positions and orders (executed or pending) will be deleted. Your account result will be reset and you can choose one of the following amounts as your new account equity: 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, 500,000, 1,000,000. If you are a participant in our trading Contest, restarting your account will terminate your participation in this month's edition. If you have another version of our platform running (web or mobile), after resetting your account, you will need to reboot those versions too for the changes to take effect.



Market Analysis Menu




Analyses - In this section you are provided with a detailed daily, weekly and mid-term technical analyses on the financial markets, including detailed charts, support levels and important indicators;
Economic Calendar - The economic calendar provides a schedule of key global economic events coming in the next 5 days. Interactive graphs illustrate economic indicators' historical data, market expectations, actual values and calculated volatility. Each indicator is accompanied by a brief description, helping the novice trader get into Forex and CFD trading;
Currency Relation This tool can help you analyse market trends showing you the fluctuations between different currencies. The Currency Relation graph shows the percentage of gain or loss of the target currency compared to the selected currencies. The graph can be customised to display different time periods;
Currency Converter - With our online currency converter you can calculate foreign exchange rates for more than 150 currencies and 6 precious metals;
Gainers and Losers - Displays the market performance of different financial instruments in time periods from 1 day to 5 years;
Support/Resistance - Determine market trends using Support and Resistance price levels;
Interest Ratest - provides a guide to the current interest rates of several central banks from around the world;


Tools Menu




Alerts - You can configure Delta Trading 6 to send you email or sounds alerts, or play a sound any time a price reaches a certain level, or if a stop or limit order has been executed, so that you can take an appropriate action. This service will keep you close to the rapidly changing market, even when you are away from your computer;


Auto Futures Rollover - If enabled, your expiring position in CFDs on futures contracts will be rolled over automatically to the next period;




Price Difference        - A useful tool for trading spreads, eg. the WTI/COIL spread for the same month contract;



Layout Manager - allows you to choose or create different layout. You can switch between layout variants or modify the current layout at runtime. By clicking File you can import and export layouts or restore the default one;



The same layouts can also be accessed from here:



Settings - allows you to change and customise various settings of the trading platform.

Configuration section:

Platform type - shows the account type you are logged into - DEMO or LIVE;
Server communication -  the server that the platform connects to;
Themes - sets the different themes of the platform;
One click trading - activation/deactivation of a confirmation message when you place orders;
Click and Deal - activation/deactivation of the Click & Deal mode;
Click and Deal activation warning - activation/deactivation option for warning you that you are in Click & Deal mode;
Minimise all windows - If this is checked, you can minimise all dockable open windows when you minimize the platform;
Resize all price windows - Resizes all opene Price windows when you resize one of them;
Confirm close position - activation/deactivation option for confirmation when closing a position in the Close position window;
Eco Mode - Sets Eco Mode to be activated after a certain time;
Font Size - Selects the text font size in all grids at the platform. From the drop-down menu, you can choose - SmallMedium, Large, or Extra Large.

Quotes section:

Save last N quotes (1 - 2000) - Last saved N quotes;
Quotes View Format - Sets the quotes format. From the drop-down menu, you can choose how the quotes will appear;

Chart section:

Number of visible candles (10 - 1000) - determines the number of visible candles;
Max. open charts (2 - 10) - sets the maximum numbers of open charts. Opening of additional charts that exceed the allowed number automatically closes the first opened one. By default, they are set to 4;
Open chart in new window - Opens all charts in a separate, new window;

Messages and notifications section

Show message on exit - activation/deactivation of a confirmation message when you close the platform; 
Conditional orders warning message -  activation/deactivation of a warning message about the circumstances related to Conditional orders described in the General Terms of Business. By default, this option is activated;
Show Margin call warning message - activation/deactivation option warning you when you do not have enough free margin;
Market move notification - Toggles notifications for large movements in the quotes of the added instruments. When such a movement is detected, a sound is played and a small  window pops up in the top-right corner of the screen. It displays the code of the instrument and the size of the change (pips/percent);

Reset Platform layout section:

Reset Platform layout - Resets the platform to its original configuration: windows sizes and positions, docking layout, data grids layout, chart cache, etc. This option can be found in the general drop-down menu of the platform;




Help Menu




In this section you can find Live support at any time, and also view the Help file.


Help                Opens Delta Trading Help Manual (press F1). Watch the video tutorials.
Support                Opens the Live Help webpage on our website which enables you to connect to our Customer Support team.
Tutorials                Starts a set of quick-start tutorials about getting started with our platforms.
About                Read more about us and the current platform version.




 The Title bar contains some additional useful information:



Your account number - each trading account has a unique ID number which uniquely identifies it.
Your account type - DEMO or LIVE. Trading with a FOREX demo account is an excellent way to practice your trading skills and strategies, without risking any money.
Time and day of the week


At the upper-right side of the platform is located World clocks option:

World clocks - opens floating window which contain local customer time, London time and New York time:



Logical mode - turns logical mode ON or OFF;
One click trading - activation/deactivation of a confirmation message when you place orders;
Flashing quotes - turns ON or OFF the flashing background colours of the quotes; 
Live chat - opens Chat window where you can start live chat with us;


Main drop-down menu


The platform logo at the top-left of the platform opens the main Context menu as shown below:



The drop-down menu gives you access to any of the panes and options listed:

Positions - Opens the Positions window from which you can monitor your open positions;
Orders - Opens the Orders window, where you can track your orders;
Good After Time Orders - Opens the Time Orders window, where you can track your time orders;
News - Opens the News window which provides a comprehensive daily coverage on all issues that affect the financial markets (read more);
P/L Chart - Opens a window in which you can check the performance of your account, displayed on a chart or using different indicators;
Withdrawal - Opens the Withdrawal window, from where you can manage your withdrawals;
Reset Platform layout - Resets the platform layout to its default configuration;
Layout Manager - Opens the Layout Manger window
Change password - Changes the password. After that you will receive a confirmation email that your Delta Trading account password has been changed;
Logout - Logs you out and starts Delta Trading 6 again, so you can log in to a different account;
Exit - Exits the platform.