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The News window provides you with up-to-the-minute, real-time news from Deltastock, which provides a comprehensive daily coverage of all issues that affect the foreign exchange market: macroeconomics, central banks, fixed income markets, commodities and other subjects vital for the Forex market.

The News window can be accessed by clicking on the News icon on the main toolbar:  news


The News window opens:



You can read the news messages by double-clicking on the headlines. The news message is displayed in a pop-up window. Some messages only have headlines, while others contain more details.


In case you are interested in a specific event, you may look for it via the search option: just fill in part of the event name and click on the Search icon:



The appearance of the News window can be customised using the buttons located at the upper-right part of the window. By scrolling between the A and A icons, you can increase/decrease the font size.  

clip0056 - these buttons scroll through the list of news headlines and you can read the content of each one of them without closing and opening each headline.