Logical Orders

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Normally, positions in the Delta Trading 6 platform are represented on a net basis, so that instead of showing the result for every trade made, they show the net result from all trades for a given instrument until the position is fully closed. Once closed, the accumulated result for that position is realised and goes into the account. However, some people prefer to view the result for every trade separately. In order to do that, clients can use Logical Orders.

The ID numbers of all Logical orders in Orders panel and Last orders window (including Conditional orders in logical mode and Stop/Limit to an open logical position) will be coloured in purple.


A Logical order is the name given for the hedging type of orders in the Delta Trading 6 platform. Every Logical order for a given instrument will either open a new separate position or will close a specific one. By using this mode, clients can manage their positions both separately, through the Logical Positions window, and as a net position in the Positions window. It also allows clients to keep opposite positions for the same instrument, e.g. both long and short positions for EUR/USD.


Once activated, Logical orders are placed[****] in the same way as normal ones.

You can place a Conditional orders in Logical mode.