Placing Conditional Orders in Logical mode

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Placing Conditional orders in Logical mode


The platform allows you to place Conditional orders in Logical mode.

Tick the Logical Mode check-box in the upper-right corner of the platform, and after that, place a pending (Limit/Stop/OCO) order.




The ID numbers of all logical orders in Orders panel and Last orders window will be purple in colour. 

Right-click on the Confirmed order in the Orders window and then select Conditional orders:



You can request up to 100 Conditional orders in the Conditional orders window. All Conditional orders attached to Logical pending orders will be coloured in purple in the Orders panel.



Regardless whether you are working in Logical mode or not, prior the submission of each Conditional order, you must confirm that you are are aware of the special circumstances related to Conditional orders described in General Terms of Business. By default, this option is active. You can deactivate it form this dialog or the Settings window.



When the Base order gets executed, it appears as a logical position with a Conditional orders button:



The orders which have Conditional orders attached are called base orders. They are marked with " * ". The orders which are attached to base orders are called Conditional orders. They are marked with " ^ ".



Note: This logical position formed from the executed base order is common position for all Logical Conditional orders attached to it: