Repeating Conditional orders and Repeat cycle

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Copy Conditional orders/Repeat Cycle allows you to quickly and easily modify your Conditional orders tree by copying and pasting the orders – individually or in groups. You can also view the expected profit/loss for each order. The Repeat Cycle option lets you choose the number of copies you wish to make with just one click.

The Copy and Repeat features can be used in cases when you wish to submit the same sequence of Conditional orders more than once.


When attaching a Conditional Order to a base pending order, in the Price ticket, you can also fill the price for second order. Fill the suggested price for the second order in the Limit 2 Buy/Sell Price by the right button of the field.

This second order will be requested (status Requested) to the base order when it is confirmed (status Confirmed). You can increase/decrease - clip0348 or delete - clip0349 this second price using the buttons on the right to the field.



When you place the order, you can repeat requesting these two orders many times in a cycle. Use the Repeat Cycle field.

This option is available only for Limit orders in New Conditional order window.

Example: you place base order: Buy 1 EUGERMANY30. Along whit that, you request another Conditional order attached to it. This second order is the reverse of the base order: Sell 1 EUGERMANY30, with the price from the Limit 2 Sell Price field.    

Fill the Repeat Cycle field as many times as you want to repeat in the cycle of these two orders.




With 2 repeat cycle you place this base order, the reverse order to it and two replays of these two orders again. All of this is done in a sequence, submitted one after the other: