Forex Masters Contest Terms and Conditions

I. The Forex Masters Contest starts at 00:00 h EET on the first day of each calendar month. Demo account holders who would like to participate in the Contest and who have already registered for a Delta Trading demo account, without choosing to participate in the Contest, should register for a new demo account.

II. The Forex Masters Contest ends at 24:00 h EET on the last day of each calendar month. The exact Contest closing time may be subject to change, in which case the Contest closing time is considered to be the time on Deltastock's servers.

III. Each subsequent monthly Contest starts at 00:00 h EET on the first day of each calendar month.

IV. By ticking the checkbox "I would like to take part in the Forex Masters Contest.", the participant consents to their personal data being processed by Deltastock in accordance with Deltastock’s Privacy Policy. Deltastock will collect and process participants’ personal data for the purpose of monitoring results and awarding prizes within the framework of the Forex Masters Contest and as otherwise indicated and agreed. Only authorised Deltastock representatives will have access to participants’ personal data. Participants’ personal data will not be provided to third parties, except as provided by applicable laws.

V. Each participant starts trading with 10,000 virtual EUR as an initial margin deposit. Please note that if the initial deposit amount is changed when signing up for the Contest, the participant will be disqualified.