2. Placing Orders

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By clicking on an instrument in the Quotes panel, you can:


    a)  place an order in that instrument (New Order) - 36


In the New Order window you can choose the order type from the tabs located at the upper part of the window (Market, Limit, Stop, OCO). The window contains the instrument’s name and its code, the Buy and Sell buttons (and their respective values), the spread, a Quantity field:






At the bottom in the New order you can:

view the information about the Position of the instrument (if you have). If you tap the field will redirect to Position info window;
filter all Executed with this instrument orders if you tap Orders filter (above the Sentiments). To remove the filter just tap Close button - "X";
view the Sentiments ribbon showing the percentage of buyers and sellers of that instrument. Tap the ribbon and it will expand into a drop-down to give you the percentage of buyers and sellers arranged into different categories: All Traders, Top Traders, All Positions and Top Traders Positions;





You can input the order quantity from the drop-down menu of the button to the right of the field - 32. The placed order can viewed in the Orders panel:

- Executed tab, if it is executed or cancelled;

- Pending tab, if it is confirmed;





Before placing an order, you can:

view the Required Margin, Trade Value, Fee, information about the position (if there is an open position in that instrument), Position Amount, Average Price, Current P/L – by clicking the Info button - 34;
view the instrument’s chart – by tapping the Chart button - 35.




  b) view the instrument’s chart - 37;

   c) obtain additional information about the traded instrument (Info) - 38;





    d) remove the instrument from the Quotes panel (Remove button) - 39.


When the market is closed for the instrument, you will see Market is closed button. Select it if you want to see the trading hours of the instrument: