4. Positions

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This panel contains all of your positions, it gives you information about the free and used margin, total profit/loss as well as your account equity.

The P/L Chart button opens a chart showing the aggregate result from all your positions.



The positions with yellow indicator are logical or include logical position/s. Trading mode in mobile/tablet application is normal (you can trade in Logical mode with desktop or web applications of Delta Trading). If you place the order who will close logical or part of logical position you will be warned with message for confirmed. The same way is if you close the logical position or the position include logical position/s:





You can obtain comprehensive information about a certain position by choosing it. This opens the Position info window which contains information about the chosen position. Besides viewing the information displayed in this window, you can also:


   a) view the instrument’s chart – the button at the top right



b) place, amend, cancel or review a Stop/Limit order to a position





  c) place an order in that instrument




   d) close the position




e) to filter the orders with this instrument, tap the field at the bottom