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The Quotes panel displays information about the current exchange rates of your traded instruments: currency pairs, precious metals, or CFDs on shares, indices, futures or ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). In each of the four tabs (Forex, Indices, Shares, More) you can add up to 20 instruments – with no limitation on their type. The More tab is where you can add or remove instruments whose quotes you wish to monitor, no matter whether they fall into any of the other categories. The vertical indicator to the left of each instrument shows the first ‘sentiment’, which is the percentage of buyers and sellers of the instrument (Sentiments ribbon in the New Order window).







The 12  button is used to add new traded instruments:

  a) You can add instruments by choosing them directly from each category (Forex, Gold and Silver, Shares, Indices, Futures, ETFs)  



  b) You can search and add instruments using a filter. Enter the code/name (or part of it) in the empty field and tap the Search button. This will show all instruments matching your search criteria. Adding/removing instruments is done by choosing the instrument’s filed.



Note: The squares opposite the already added instruments are marked with a green check.

The found instruments (using either method) are displayed in pages, with each containing eight of them. You can navigate through the list using the buttons at the lower-right part of each page.



The 13 button is used for choosing the time interval at which the quotes will be refreshed.

 By default, the application refreshes the quotes every second. To slow down the quotes refresh rate, you can choose another time interval from the drop-down menu.





The 48 button is used for choosing Remove mode.

 In this mode you can easy remove the instruments only by touch on the instrument. When you are in this mode the button Remove mode is changed and all instruments have "x" button:




The Back button 15 takes you one step back.