NV Bekaert SA
NV Bekaert SA

Company website:http://www.bekaert.com

NV Bekaert SA provides products based on steel wire transformation and coating technologies worldwide. It offers tire cords, bead wires, wires for windscreen wiper arms and blades, wires and cables for window systems, heating cords, reinforcement fabric for bumper beams, clutch spring wires, wheel weights, steering column profiles, etc. for automotive sector; and champagne cork wires, wires for kitchen utensils, spring wires for bedding and seating, underwire, staple wires, music wires, bookbinding and stiching wires, wires for medical instruments, etc. for consumer goods sector. The company’s products for construction sector include wires, meshes, and fiber products, such as steel fibers and prestressed wires and strands for concrete reinforcement, masonry reinforcement, road reinforcement, wires and cables for hoisting applications, welded mesh, gabions, cable wires for bridges, security and residential fences, gas burners, etc. It also provides wires and cables for oil and gas exploration; steel wires and strands for overhead power lines; telecom armoring wires; shaped wires for flexible pipes and wedge filters; and sawing wires, hose coupling, offshore and onshore cable armoring, etc. for energy and utilities sector. In addition, the company offers steel wires for textile industry; hoisting ropes for cranes; spring wires; shovel ropes; shaped wires; hose wires; and street sweeper brush wires, as well as non-contact infrared drying systems for paper and board industry. Further, it provides tensioning wires for plant support and binding; vineyard wires; auger wires for livestock feed industry; barbed wires; fixed knot fences; cage wires; fishing ropes, etc.; and basic materials, such as shovel and dragline ropes for mining applications, fabrics for conveyor belts, hot gas filtration media, heat-resistant separation materials, fibers for protective clothing, pulp baling wires, etc. The company was founded in 1880 and is based in Kortrijk, Belgium.

More info:http://finance.yahoo.com/q/pr?s=BEKB.BR

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