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CFDs Cash CFDs
Margin requirement1 100%
Minimum order size
Maximum order size
Multiple of order size
Interest3 Long position none
Short position none
Dividend4 Long position The weighted proportion of the applicable dividend within the underlying Index is paid
Short position The weighted proportion of the applicable dividend within the underlying Index is withheld
1 In accordance with Art. 9.3.20 from the General Terms, Deltastock is entitled to change the required margin for any certain financial instrument, trade, or client's account. In case of such a change, Deltastock will notify you by sending you an email.
2 We charge a commission on the EUITALY40 index only: 0.05% of the trade value, min. 10.00 EUR.
4 More on interest rates and dividends.
List Regular Hours5 Target
Extended Hours Trading6 Fixed Spread7
Chart EUHOLLAND25 0.09 EUR
EUHOLLAND25-cash 0.19 EUR
Chart EUFRANCE40 0.50 EUR
EUFRANCE40-cash 1.00 EUR
Chart miniEUFRANCE40 0.45 EUR
miniEUFRANCE40-cash 0.45 EUR
Monday-Friday 09:00 23:00
0.50 EUR
Monday 02:00-09:00 | 23:00-23:10
Tuesday-Thursday 01:00-09:00 | 23:00-23:10
Friday 01:00-09:00
EUGERMANY30-cash 1.00 EUR 8.5 EUR
Chart miniEUGERMANY30
Monday-Friday 09:00 23:00
0.45 EUR
Monday 02:00-09:00 | 23:00-23:10
Tuesday-Thursday 01:00-09:00 | 23:00-23:10
Friday 01:00-09:00
1.20 EUR
miniEUGERMANY30-cash 0.45 EUR 1.20 EUR
Chart miniEUGERMANYMID50 2.30 EUR
miniEUGERMANYMID50-cash 2.30 EUR
Chart EU50 1.00 EUR
EU50-cash 2.00 EUR
0.50 EUR
miniEU50-cash 0.50 EUR
Chart EUSPAIN35 6.00 EUR
EUSPAIN35-cash 12.00 EUR
Chart miniEUSPAIN35 3.00 EUR
miniEUSPAIN35-cash 3.00 EUR
Chart EUITALY40 20.00 EUR

5 Eastern European Time (EET)

6 Extended hours trading takes place outside of the regular trading hours of an index, allowing clients to react quickly to news and events that occur when the regular market is closed.
Outside of the regular trading hours of the main markets on which the underlying asset is traded, our quotes will be formed based mainly on the US500 index and/or other financial instruments similar to the US500, which are traded by market-makers, liquidity providers and other market participants.

7 The spreads on Index CFDs during extended hours trading are fixed.

Note: Please take into consideration that there are certain additional risks associated with extended hours trading.
- Risk of lower liquidity. There may be lower liquidity in extended hours trading as compared to regular trading hours.
- Risk of higher volatility. There may be greater volatility in extended hours trading than in regular trading hours.
- Risk of changing prices. The prices of indices in extended hours trading may not reflect the prices either at the end of regular trading hours or upon the opening the next morning.
- Risk of wider spreads. Lower liquidity and higher volatility in extended hours trading may result in wider than normal spreads for indices traded during this time period. To avoid this risk, Deltastock has introduced fixed spreads on indices during extended hours trading. Nevertheless, please be advised that wider spreads may have a negative effect on your account equity, which might lead to insufficiency of funds and closing of your positions in the respective instruments.
- Risk of differing quotes. The quotes may differ from regular trading hours.

5 Eastern European Time (EET)

An index is a statistical measure of the changes in a portfolio of shares representative of all shares traded on a particular market. The indices themselves are not financial instruments and cannot be traded. CFDs trading is one of the ways of trading indices, with the main benefit being that you do not buy the portfolio of shares that comprise an index, but pay only a fraction (as low as 1%) of the price, as CFDs are traded on margin. There are no commissions for trading CFDs on indices with Deltastock; you only pay the spread (which is the difference between the buy and sell prices). Trading CFDs on indices provides diversified exposure as most of the factors that affect individual companies are taken out of the equation.