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Инвестиционен посредник в България с най-висок рейтинг за 2017 г.
Инвестиционен посредник в България с най-висок рейтинг за 2017 г.

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Symbol Name Min/Max Position Size
Chart BITCOINETN/se Bitcoin Tracker-SEK 1 CFD/200 CFDs
Chart BITCOINETN/se-cash Bitcoin Tracker-SEK (Cash)
Chart ETHERETN/se Ether Tracker-SEK 1 CFD/2000 CFDs
Chart ETHERETN/se-cash Ether Tracker-SEK (Cash)

Exchange-traded fund (ETF)

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is an investment instrument traded on stock exchanges, structured in a similar way as mutual funds. The idea behind ETFs is that they track the performance and holding of a specifically defined index of securities, which gives investors an opportunity to buy a diversified portfolio as a single share of stock at a lower cost than buying each security separately. Unlike the Indices, Exchange Traded Funds – ETFs are traded as stocks on the major stock exchanges. Some of the main benefits associated with the ETFs are tax efficiency, transparency, liquidity, cost efficiency, and diversification.