Bitcoin Tracker One - SEK
Bitcoin Tracker One - SEK

Bitcoin Tracker One - SEK is an open-end Exchange Traded Note incorporated in Sweden. The ETN is denominated in SEK and provides investors with access to the returns of the underlying asset, US Dollar per bitcoin, less investor fees. The average USD exchange rate of bitcoin from the exchanges:- Bitfinex, Bitstamp and GDAX provides the underlying reference price which is converted into SEK.

BITCOINETN/se - Bitcoin Tracker-SEK - KID

Country: Sweden
Currency: SEK
Margin: 50%
Is shortable: Yes

Trading hours:
Market is closed10:00 - 18:2410:00 - 18:2410:00 - 18:2410:00 - 18:2410:00 - 18:24Market is closed

Interest (annually):
Long positionShort position
–2.5% -3.5%

Interest Accrual

Temporary margin requirements due to upcoming corporate events:

Margin Calendar