ETF Eastern Europe
ETF Eastern Europe

ETF Eastern Europe offers exposure to stocks from the following emerging Eastern European countries: Russia (about 62%), Poland (about 28%), Hungary (about 4.5%), Czech Republic (about 4%). Investing in this exchange traded fund offers flexible and easy access to a wide range of markets and asset classes. The equities included in the ETF comply with strict size, liquidity and free float criteria. The weight of a single company is limited to 10% of the index.

EasternEuropeETF - ETF Eastern Europe - KID

Country: France
Currency: EUR
Is shortable: Yes

Trading hours:
Market is closed10:05 - 18:2910:05 - 18:2910:05 - 18:2910:05 - 18:2910:05 - 18:29Market is closed

Interest (annually):
Long positionShort position
–3% -3%

Interest Accrual

Trading Conditions

Temporary margin requirements due to upcoming corporate events:

Margin Calendar