ETF Dividend Appreciation Index
ETF Dividend Appreciation Index

The Dividend Appreciation Index ETF tracks the performance of a benchmark that gives exposure to American companies with historically increasing dividends. In doing that, the fund chooses high-profile corporations able to offer growing dividend yields over time. The fact that the ETF deals with quality companies does not make it risk-free, of course. One of the hazards for the fund is directly related to the volatility resulting from its full exposure to the stock market; another risk is that returns of high dividend-paying shares will generally trail those of the overall stock market during a certain period of time. The Dividend Appreciation Index ETF is a good option for investors with a well-balanced, long-term portfolio who prefer to be exposed to companies with solid fundamentals and high dividend yield.

VIGETF - ETF Dividend Appreciation Index - KID

Country: United States
Currency: USD
Is shortable: Yes

Trading hours:
Market is closed16:30 - 22:5916:30 - 22:5916:30 - 22:5916:30 - 22:5916:30 - 22:59Market is closed

Interest (annually):
Long positionShort position
–5.5% -0.5%

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Temporary margin requirements due to upcoming corporate events:

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