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Weyerhaeuser Company, formerly Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, is a forest products company. The Company is principally engaged in growing and harvesting trees, builds homes and making a range of forest products. As of December 31, 2010, the Company had offices or operations in 10 countries and have customers worldwide. The Company manages 20.5 million acres of forests, of which the Company owns 5.8 million acres, lease 0.7 million acres and have renewable, long-term licenses on 14 million acres. The Company operates in five segments: Timberlands, which includes logs, timber, minerals, oil and gas and international wood products; Wood Products, which includes softwood lumber, engineered lumber, structural panels, hardwood lumber and building materials distribution; Cellulose Fibers, which includes pulp and liquid packaging board; Real Estate, which includes real estates development, construction and sales, and Corporate and Other.

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WY - Weyerhaeuser Co - KID

Country: United States
Currency: USD
Is shortable: Yes

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Market is closed16:30 - 22:5916:30 - 22:5916:30 - 22:5916:30 - 22:5916:30 - 22:59Market is closed

Interest (annually):
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–5.5% -0.5%

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WYWeyerhaeuser Co531.01.2019 08:00:0001.02.2019 23:10:0020