Yara International ASA
Yara International ASA

Company website:https://www.yara.com/

Yara International ASA (Yara) is a Norway-based chemical company that converts energy, natural minerals and nitrogen from the air into products for farmers and industrial customers. The Company produces ammonia, nitrates, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium (NPK), and specialty fertilizers.

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YAR/nor - Yara International ASA - KID

Country: Norway
Currency: NOK
Is shortable: Yes

Trading hours:
Market is closed10:00 - 17:2910:00 - 17:2910:00 - 17:2910:00 - 17:2910:00 - 17:29Market is closed

Interest (annually):
Long positionShort position
–3.75% -2.25%

Interest Accrual

Trading Conditions

Temporary margin requirements due to upcoming corporate events:

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