Website Terms of Use

Access to and use of any part of the website www.deltastock.com (the website) is provided by Deltastock AD (Deltastock), whose registered address is at 6 Korab Planina St, 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria, to you (the User) subject to the following Website Terms of Use (the Terms). The information contained in this website is for information purposes only.

These Terms govern your use of the website in the capacity of a User. By using the website, you accept these Terms in full. If you disagree to these Terms, or any part of these Terms, you must not use the website.

By using the website, you agree to be bound by these Terms. You also agree to be bound, as appropriate, by the other documents which govern the use of the website, including the Privacy Policy; and the expression ‘Terms’ shall be deemed to include those other materials.

Further Information

Should you require any further information relating to the contents of the website, or have any enquiry relating to the use of the contents, please email office@deltastock.com or phone +359 2 (0) 811 50 10.

Changes to the Website

The User accepts that Deltastock may from time to time alter any aspect the website, or any of the services or products provided through the website, as it thinks fit and without notice to the User. Deltastock may alter the Terms at any time without prior notice. The User accepts that they will have no claim in respect of any such alteration. The User agrees to these Terms without having to fill out and submit a special document, but by their continued use of the website. If the User does not accept the manner intended for making changes to the website, then they must not use the website.

Technological Failures

Deltastock shall not be liable in any way for any inaccuracy, error, or delay or omission of any information content; or for any loss or damage, delay, or omission; or for any force majeure (including communications failure, power failure, or equipment or software malfunction) or any other cause beyond reasonable control.

Cookie Policy

In order to improve the website’s usability and the quality of the offered services, DeltaStock AD uses “cookies” and IP addresses.

An IP address is a unique number that identifies the user’s or the client’s computer whenever it is connected to the internet. IP addresses do not contain personal information. In addition to identifying the client’s or the user’s computer, DeltaStock AD also uses IP addresses to analyse the general behaviour and preferences of the website’s users.

Cookies are data packages sent by the web server to the user’s or the client’s web browser. These data packages are then returned by the browser every time it accesses the web server. Cookies are saved and stored by the web browser on the user’s or the client’s computer. Cookies provide performance information that can be used to improve the user’s experience on the website.

DeltaStock AD collects the following cookies:

1. Depending on their functionalities, cookies are divided into:

DeltaStock AD uses Google Analytics, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to analyse website usage and create personalised ads.

Google Analytics, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter generate statistical and other information about the website and its users through cookies that are stored on users’ devices. The collected information in relation to the website’s usage is used to compile reports on website activity and to create advertisements.

This information is stored by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Learn how to manage your cookies by visiting the links below.

Google Privacy Policy: https://policies.google.com/privacy

Facebook Privacy Policy: https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies

LinkedIn Privacy Policy: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy

Twitter Privacy Policy: https://twitter.com/en/privacy

The table below explains the cookies Deltastock uses and why:

Name Purpose More Information Expiration
These cookies represents whether the user or client has enabled cookies on their browser or not. www.aboutcookies.org Session
1 Month
ASP.NET_sessionId These cookies ensure that the website content is personalised to the user’s or client’s preferences. They allow Deltastock’s web servers to respond to the user’s or client’s actions on the website. Microsoft Session
These cookies are used to collect information about how users and clients use the website, which helps Deltastock improve it. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the website, where they have come to the website from and the pages they have visited. Wikipedia 2 years
These cookies type can be used by our partners to develop target audiences based around different interests. All collected information is completely anonymous and is automatically segregated. Google
1 Month
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
3 Months
IBref These cookies allow Deltastock to monitor traffic from affiliate websites. 3 Months
timeDiff This cookie is used to store the user’s time zone Session
userCountry This cookie is used to store the user’s language preferences.

2. Depending on their functionalities, cookies are divided into:

All cookie types mentioned under Article 1 can be both temporary and continuous.

Secure Online Services

Any secure online services the User has subscribed to with Deltastock may use cookies in order to enable information about the User and their preferences to be stored, and also to prevent unauthorised access to those services and information. In such circumstances, cookies must usually be accepted and enabled within the browser, since without them Deltastock cannot ensure the User’s information is secure. This is the reason why Users rejecting cookies can’t use the secure online services.

IP Address

An IP address is a unique number that identifies the User’s computer while connected to the Internet. IP addresses are not linked to personal information. Besides for purpose of identification of the User’s computer, Deltastock also uses IP addresses to analyse overall User behaviour and preferences on the website.

User Conduct

The User warrants that in their use of the website they shall:

(a) use the website only for lawful purposes, and in a manner which does not infringe the rights of, or restrict or inhibit the use of the website by, any third party;

(b) not engage in any conduct which is unlawful, or which may harass or cause distress or inconvenience to any person;

(c) without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (b) above, not upload, post, transmit or distribute any materials or information to which the User does not own the intellectual property rights, or any materials which are in any way unlawful or which are potentially harmful, threatening, abusive, libellous, pornographic or otherwise obscene, or racially or ethnically or otherwise objectionable; and

(d) not upload, publish, transmit or distribute any materials or information which contain a computer virus, or other code, files or programs intended or having for effect to disrupt or otherwise adversely affect the operation of Deltastock’s website and/or of other Users' computer systems.


The contents of the website (the Contents), except for the Legal information, are provided to the User by way of general, background information only.

The User should not rely on the accuracy of any part of the Contents, nor should the Contents be considered advice or recommendation to trade Forex and CFDs. Deltastock assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for any use of the Contents by the User or any third party.

Deltastock uses virus checking software to 'virus check' documents and files before they are uploaded onto the website, but cannot guarantee that documents or files downloaded from the website will be virus free. The User is responsible for conducting their own virus checks on any document or file which is downloaded from the website. Deltastock accepts no liability for any damage to the User's computer system arising from the transfer of any computer virus.

The User accepts and acknowledges that Deltastock, its management, employees, agents, representatives of any sort, and advisers shall not in any way be liable for any damage, loss, costs or expenses arising directly or indirectly from the User's, or any third party's reliance, viewing or downloading of any of the Contents from the website, or reliance on or use of any of the Contents for any purpose.

In order to ensure the security of the transfer of information, Deltastock uses an SSL certificate for encrypting information transferred by or to the User through the website. Nevertheless, Deltastock would like to remind Users that the use of the Internet as a form of communication is not yet secure enough and information transmitted through the Internet as a communication medium may be intercepted and/or read by third parties. The User should not, therefore, rely upon their communication over the Internet as a secure form of communication.

Suitability of Investment

Deltastock does not provide advice concerning the suitability or value of any particular investment in Forex, CFDs, or other financial instruments or investment strategy, nor does Deltastock endorse or recommend the products whose advertisements may appear on the website.


The website and its Contents may at points incorporate links to third party websites and services. Such links are provided for the User's convenience only, and their provision does not constitute an authorisation by Deltastock to the User to access such third party websites, nor an endorsement of the content of such third party websites by Deltastock.


Except where expressly indicated otherwise, copyright of all of the Contents of the Website belongs to Deltastock.

Deltastock hereby authorises the User to:

(a) view and display the Contents; and

(b) download parts of the Contents and store them in their computer (for example in the browser's cache memory) and print a single copy of parts of the Contents on the condition that there is no alteration of the Contents by the User and such activities are not utilised for commercial gain.

Save to the extent expressly permitted in the Privacy Policy, the Contents (including any downloadable contents) may not be modified, adapted, reproduced, forwarded, transmitted, used for training purposes, or otherwise made available by the User, in whole or in part, to any third party without the express prior consent of Deltastock. The User agrees that they will not claim authorship of the Contents.


The names and logos on the website identifying Deltastock and/or any third party and their products and services are either (a) proprietary marks of Deltastock, or (b) marks which Deltastock is licensed or authorised to use. Nothing in these Terms shall confer on the User any licence of or other authorisation to use any such mark or any other intellectual property right of Deltastock or a third party, subject always to the above provisions relating to copyright.

Termination of Website Access

Deltastock reserves the right to terminate forthwith, or to refuse access, to the website, or certain parts of the website, to any User, at any time and at its absolute discretion.


These Terms constitute the entire agreement between Deltastock and the User in relation to the use of the website. These Terms supersede any other agreements between the parties in this matter.

By using the website www.deltastock.bg or www.deltastock.com/bulgaria, the User accepts these Terms in full. If the User disagrees to these Terms and does not accept them, they must immediately stop using the website.

If any part of these Terms should be determined to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable by reason of applicable laws, the invalid or unenforceable part shall be deemed removed or modified as may be necessary to keep the remaining part of the Terms valid and enforceable.

Personal Data

Deltastock is required to verify the identity of and obtain certain information from website Users, who are prospective clients of the company’s financial services, with measures aimed at the prevention of money laundering. For example, the prospective client may be required to produce a copy of a passport or identification card duly certified by a public authority, such as a notary public, together with proof of address. Deltastock will not commence providing its services until it has received all the necessary information and documentation required to verify the prospective client’s identity. Further information can be found in the Privacy Policy.

Telephone calls with Deltastock may be recorded and monitored. This will be done only in cases provided for in Bulgarian legislation and the European Union legislation regarding financial services.

Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, and any disputes relating to these Terms shall be resolved between the parties themselves; and in case of failure to do so, these disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Bulgaria.