On this page you will find educational materials prepared by the Deltastock team. They will help you learn more about the basics of trading in financial instruments and acquire more in-depth knowledge about the important elements of the successful trading strategy. The lessons are interactive, with practical examples and quizzes.

Beginner traders

  • What is a contract for difference (CFD)?
  • What is a spread, pip and lot?
  • What is the difference between leverage and margin?
  • How to control risk?
  • What is a margin call?
  • What are shares, indices, ETFs, oil?
  • What is technical and fundamental analysis?
  • What are the most common errors in trading?

Advanced traders

  • Advanced fundamental analysis
  • Advanced technical analysis
  • Advanced technical indicators
  • How to calculate the average price and result in Delta Trading?
  • How to calculate the average price and result in MetaTrader 5?
  • How to calculate the rollover fee on overnight positions?
  • How are interest rates calculated and why are they important?
  • What are dividend adjustment payments and how are they calculated?

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