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Withdraw Funds from Your Trading Account

When withdrawing funds from your trading account, you may use one of the following methods: Bank Wire Transfer, MasterCard and VISA Credit/Debit Card, or Skrill. You can only withdraw funds which are not blocked as requested margin for open positions.

Upon a withdrawal request, priority will be given to funds deposited via credit/debit cards; deposits via Skrill will come second, and after that, deposits via bank wire and cash desk.

To submit a withdrawal request, please login to the account you are going to withdraw funds from:

You can also submit a Withdrawal Request in one of the following ways:
-Fill out our Withdrawal Request Form, sign it and fax the completed form to +359 2 811 50 49, or email a signed and scanned copy to
-From the menu of the Delta Trading platform (My Account > Withdrawal).

Bank Wire TransferWire Transfer

Withdrawal requests are processed in minimum 2 (two) business days of receipt.

The minimum amount for international bank transfers is 50 EUR in cases when the bank of the client is different from the banks that Deltastock has accounts with.

The incurred bank fees and commissions on wire transfers are at the Client's expense.

On 1 November 2009 the Payment Services Directive (PSD) went into effect. The aim of the Payment Services Directive (PSD) is to improve the efficiency and transparency of payment services within the European Economic Area (EU countries plus Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway), and to increase protection given to customers. Under the PDS, the party which makes a payment and the one which receives the payment must each pay the charges of their respective banks.

Deltastock’s policy is such that the incurred bank fees on wire transfers are at the Client's expense. Because of this, the fees which Deltastock is charged with under the PSD will be withheld from the Client’s account.

Credit and Debit Card WithdrawalVISA MasterCard

Upon a withdrawal request, funds deposited via credit and debit cards (VISA and MasterCard) will be transferred back to the credit/debit card which was used to fund the client’s trading account.

In case a client has deposited funds via credit/debit card and via another payment method, the withdrawal of funds via credit/debit card will be prioritised.

Due to the specifics of the mechanism for refunding sums to credit and debit cards, processing and payment usually takes 5 business days. Upon receiving a refunding request, we send it to the servicing bank, and, at the earliest, on the next business day, we receive a notification that the request has been fulfilled. Our bank sends a notification to VISA or MasterCard for replenishing the card amount, after which, on the next business day, VISA, respectively MasterCard, sends a notification to the bank which is the card issuer. As a result, your bank may validate, at its own discretion, your account with a value date on the same or the next business day – i.e. refunds to credit/debit cards are made within 5 working days.

Skrill WithdrawalSkrill

Clients’ funds deposited via Skrill will be transferred back upon a withdrawal request.

All withdrawal requests will be processed only if withdrawals and deposits are made from the same Skrill account. Please note that the net amount of all the outgoing transfers is limited to the net amount of all the incoming transfers made via Skrill. In case the requested withdrawal amount is higher than the total of all deposits, the difference will be transferred by bank wire, to a bank account specified by the client.

Transactions are limited to a maximum of 5,000.00 EUR per transaction.

Withdrawal requests are processed in minimum 1 (one) business days of receipt.

Fees and Commissions

Bank Wire Transfers
Deposits no fees or commissions
Withdrawals the wire transfer fees, min. 1 BGN
Internet Payments
Visa/MasterCard debit and credit cards
Deposits no fees or commissions
Withdrawals 2% of the payment amount
Skrill system
Deposits no fees or commissions
Withdrawals 3.4% of the payment amount, min. 0.50 EUR
  1. International bank wire transfer fees on withdrawals are at the client’s expense.
  2. When there is a transfer of funds, which is in a currency different from the base currency of the client’s account, Deltastock revaluates it at the current market prices of the respective currency pair. Market prices are the currency exchange rates of the servicing banks, which Deltastock has accounts with.

Complete information can be found in the Tariff of Interest Rates, Fees and Commissions of Deltastock.

IMPORTANT: All incoming and outgoing payments to and from your account, which was opened in your name in Deltastock, will be performed by sources whose legal holder are you. Deltastock will not accept and execute payments from third parties, namely:

  • deposits into your account: if the person or the legal entity sending the funds does not coincide with the holder of the Agreement with Deltastock;
  • withdrawals from your account: if the person or the legal entity receiving the funds does not coincide with the holder of the Agreement with Deltastock.