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Margin Calendar

Due to upcoming corporate events, temporary margin requirements apply to the following financial instruments:

Symbol Name Margin Requirement(%) Starting Date Ending Date Temporary Margin(%)
Professional Clients Retail Clients
GPSGap Inc52004.06.2020 08:00:0005.06.2020 23:10:0020
AVGOBroadcom Inc102005.06.2020 08:00:0008.06.2020 23:10:0020
LULULululemon Athletica Inc102011.06.2020 08:00:0012.06.2020 23:10:0020
GMEGamestop Corp52001.06.2020 08:00:0005.06.2020 23:10:0020
ABMABM Industries Inc102001.06.2020 08:00:0005.06.2020 23:10:0020
AMBAAmbarella Inc52002.06.2020 08:00:0003.06.2020 23:10:0020
ZMZoom Video Communications Inc102002.06.2020 08:00:0003.06.2020 23:10:0020
Note: Please take into consideration that when the change becomes effective, open positions in the aforementioned instruments may be closed due to insufficient funds. It is therefore necessary to take appropriate measures in order to ensure the necessary resources to maintain your open positions.