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Marketing Partners Programme
of DeltaStock

Become a marketing partner of DeltaStock, gain access to special marketing instruments and earn up to €800 for each qualified client.

How does our partnership programme work?

Advertise DeltaStock

Attract live account clients for DeltaStock through advertising

Earn up to €800 for each qualified client

Who can participate?

  • Individuals above 18 years of age and legal persons, with the exception of individuals and legal persons from the Kingdom of Spain

  • Candidates must have an active website, blog or social medial channel

  • Websites, blogs and channels covering finance and/or trading topics will be prioritised

Why become a partner of DeltaStock?

Commissions of up to €800 for each qualified client

Attractive marketing materials, banners and videos

Website design services

Fast approval, clear and transparent rules

Bеcome a marketing partner

Why do we need this information? DeltaStock collects and processes the above personal data at the request of the data owner before the conclusion of this contract. You can acquaint yourself with our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy here.
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Frequently asked questions

Q: How much can I earn as a marketing partner of DeltaStock?
A: Depending on the country of residence of the attracted qualified client and the sum they deposit in their trading account, you can get a one-off payment of between €200 and €800.
Q: Who can become a marketing partner?
A: Every individual of legal age or company, with the exception of individuals and companies from Spain.
Q: Must I have a website to participate in the programme?
A: It is advisable, but you may also have a blog or a popular social media channel, preferably ones covering finance and/or trading topics.

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Q: How can I apply for the programme?
A: Fill in the application form here and we will get in touch with you.
Q: What documents do I need to present?
A: DeltaStock requires a set of documents from individuals and legal persons. You can review the full list by clicking here.
Q: What support will I receive as a DeltaStock partner?
A: DeltaStock will provide its partners with banners, images, videos, advertising materials, analytical support, help in choosing suitable marketing instruments, etc.
Q: Can I receive marketing support which is not directly connected to the advertising of DeltaStock?
A: As a partner of DeltaStock you can take advantage of some additional services and marketing support. We can offer various solutions depending on your individual needs.
Q: How can I advertise DeltaStock?
A: You may advertise DeltaStock only with materials provided by us or materials we have approved beforehand.
Q: May I advertise DeltaStock in all countries?
A: Unfortunately, for regulatory reasons this is impossible. You can find more information here.
Q: May I advertise other companies while I am bound by a contract with DeltaStock?
A: Yes. Your contract with DeltaStock does not limit you in this regard.
Q: How will DeltaStock track which clients were brought by which marketing partner?
A: The advertising materials of each approved marketing partner will contain a hyperlink which will allow DeltaStock to track the origin of the client.
Q: Will I receive information about the due commissions?
A: Yes, you will have access to this and other information after signing the contract.
Q: How will I get my commissions?
A: The marketing partner commission will be paid out only via a bank transfer, in line with the applicable legislation.