Margin requirement1

Professional Clients

Retail Clients

Automatic position close-out upon -50% shortage of margin

If the account balance falls below 50% of the used margin, the client’s position/s will be automatically closed, according to Art. 9.3.12 of the General Terms



Minimum order size

1 CFD =


Maximum order size

Multiple of order size


Long position

Short position


1 In accordance with Art. 9.3.16 of the General Terms, Deltastock is entitled, at its own discretion, to change the minimum required margin for any certain CFDs, as well as individual Orders and/or Client accounts. In case of such changes, Deltastock will notify the Client by email.
In accordance with Art. 5.26 of the General Terms, Deltastock reserves the right, at its own discretion, to limit the amount of Margin, with the obligation to notify the Client of that circumstance. The limitations imposed may include any other measures that are required according to the applicable law, decisions by ESMA and/or national competent authorities of the Member States of the European Union, and also measures which Deltastock may deem necessary to protect its own interest or that of the Client. Deltastock is entitled to introduce the measures and restrictions provided by ESMA's decisions under Art. 40 of MiFIR and the local regulators under Article 42 of MiFIR in accordance with those decisions and without prior notification to the Client.


3 Dividend adjustment payments: payments similar to dividends, which are received/paid by clients who own CFDs on Shares, Indices and/or ETFs.


Regular Hours4


Extended Hours Trading6

Fixed Spread7






Contract size

1 lot =



Minimum volume

Maximum volume

Volume step

Indices CFDs

Trading Conditions

Indices consist of the shares of companies of a particular country, market, or sector and are another popular asset among investors. Go long or short on major global indices as CFDs at attractive trading conditions. With Deltastock Delta Trading, the so-called “mini indices” and “micro indices” for a fraction of the cost of some of the most popular indices – 1/10 (for mini) and 1/100 (for micro) can also be traded. While Deltastock MetaTrader 5 doesn’t have mini indices and micro indices, it offers fractional trading of all most popular indices within the platform, starting from volumes of just 0.1 or 0.01 parts of those indices (1/10 and 1/100 of their market value, respectively).

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4 Eastern European Time (EET)
5 The target spread is the minimum spread Deltastock aspires to quote. Nevertheless, during times of low liquidity and/or high volatility, the company might not be able to maintain the same spread levels it usually quotes. Such market conditions cannot be predicted and can occur at any time of day, and may lead to widening of the spreads for a certain period of time. Please be advised that wider spreads can have a negative effect on your account equity, which might lead to insufficiency of funds and closing of your positions.
6 Extended hours trading takes place outside of the regular trading hours of an index, allowing clients to react quickly to news and events that occur when the regular market is closed.
Outside of the regular trading hours of the main markets on which the underlying asset is traded, our quotes will be formed based mainly on the US500 index and/or other financial instruments similar to the US500, which are traded by market-makers, liquidity providers and other market participants.
7 The spreads on Index CFDs during extended hours trading are fixed.
Note: Please take into consideration that there are certain additional risks associated with extended hours trading.
- Risk of lower liquidity. There may be lower liquidity in extended hours trading as compared to regular trading hours.
- Risk of higher volatility. There may be greater volatility in extended hours trading than in regular trading hours.
- Risk of changing prices. The prices of indices in extended hours trading may not reflect the prices either at the end of regular trading hours or upon the opening the next morning.
- Risk of wider spreads. Lower liquidity and higher volatility in extended hours trading may result in wider than normal spreads for indices traded during this time period. To avoid this risk, Deltastock has introduced fixed spreads on indices during extended hours trading. Nevertheless, please be advised that wider spreads may have a negative effect on your account equity, which might lead to insufficiency of funds and closing of your positions in the respective instruments.
- Risk of differing quotes. The quotes may differ from regular trading hours.