Delta Trading Web

Delta Trading Web is the internet-based version of Delta Trading - the proprietary trading platform of Deltastock. It does not require installation and you can trade with your demo or live account through the browser of every computer or tablet connected to the internet.


In Delta Trading Web you can trade in CFDs on over 1000 instruments: forex, shares, indices, gold, silver, futures, ETF and crypto CFDs and use almost all functionalities of the desktop version of Delta Trading.

Why should I use Delta Trading Web?


Does not require installation and additional computer resources


An intuitive, easy to use and personalise platform developed by Deltastock


Over 1000 CFDs on various assets: 80 popular currency pairs, gold and silver, shares, indices, futures, ETFs and crypto CFDs


Charts and tools for technical analysis - everything you need for the development of successful trading strategies


Powerful trading tools

  • green-circle-bulletDifferent types of orders: market, limit, stop, OCO (once cancels the other), limit/stop to open positions
  • green-circle-bulletSemi-automated trading through conditional orders
  • green-circle-bulletAdvanced real-time charts with automatic updates
  • green-circle-bulletOver 80 technical indicators and market analysis tools
  • green-circle-bulletFree resources: economic calendar, statistics, market news and quotes in real times

Manage the risk of loss

  • Stop orders

    Use stop orders to limit your loss if the market turns against you

  • Limit orders

    Attach limit orders to open positions and take advantage of favourable market conditions

  • Logical orders (hedging)

    Open opposite trades in the same instrument to limit the risk of loss


Trade directly from the charts

The charting package in Delta Trading Web gives you information and statistics about trading instruments, and lets you trade straight from the charts, attach and amend Stop and Limit orders and visualise Limit/Stop positions.

With our Advanced charts you get access to a wide variety of technical indicators, drawing tools, and unique features, such as comparing multiple trading instruments on the same chart.


Analyse your trades

A special Resources tab gives you access to various free trading tools, which you can use to develop a trading strategy and analyse it. Among them are the economic calendar, daily technical analysis, support/resistance, market statistics, central banks’ interest rates, etc.

The windows “Trading Statistics”, “P/L Chart” and “Last Orders” give you information and charts about your trades: graphic representation of your profits and loss, sorted by time period and types of assets, as well as detailed information about your positions and last orders.


Manage your account through
“My Account”

  • orange-circle-bulletDeposit funds and make withdrawal requests
  • orange-circle-bulletView your daily reports
  • orange-circle-bulletAdd, change and remove IP addresses, from which you access your account
  • orange-circle-bulletAdd signals and price alerts and subscribe for email notifications
  • orange-circle-bulletChange your password

DT Web

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