Delta Trading Mobile

Delta Trading Mobile is the mobile version of Delta Trading - the proprietary trading platform of Deltastock. It is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

With Delta Trading Mobile you can trade in CFDs on more than 1000 instruments: forex, shares, indices, gold, silver, futures, ETFs and crypto CFDs on your mobile device, anywhere and at any time.


Why should I install Delta Trading Mobile?


Trade through your mobile device, wherever you are


Full trading functionalities and instrument portfolio


Intuitive and easy to use and personalise platform


Different types of orders for successful trading strategies


Powerful trading tools

Despite its light weight and size, Delta Trading Mobile is a powerful and easy to use trading platform with rich functionalities, suitable for the novice and advanced traders alike.

  • green-circle-bulletAlmost instantaneous quotes, from which you can place trades with just a few taps on the display
  • green-circle-bulletEasily accessible information about your open positions and executed orders
  • green-circle-bulletReal-time charts with automatic updates
  • green-circle-bulletPopular indicators and basic analysis tools
  • green-circle-bulletFree resources: economic calendar, statistics, market news and quotes, market data and winning and losing assets

Manage the risk of loss

  • Stop orders

    Use stop orders to limit your loss if the market turns against you

  • Limit orders

    Attach limit orders to open positions and take advantage of favourable market conditions

  • Logical orders (hedging)

    Open opposite trades in the same instrument to limit the risk of loss


Analyse your trading

Use various statistics on your trading, which will help you to analyse your strategies and improve your future results.

Trading Statistics
P/L Charts

Trading Statistics

Detailed data for your winning and losing orders, arranged by time period and instruments

P/L Charts

Track all your profits and losses


Detailed information about your positions: profit and loss, paid dividends, commissions and interests

screen-statistics screen-profitloss screen-positions

Receive notifications

In the “Notification Center” of the “Settings” menu you can set your preferences for the notifications you wish to receive:

  • green-circle-bulletMarket news
  • green-circle-bulletExecuted pending orders
  • green-circle-bulletMargin calls
  • green-circle-bulletAutoclose
  • green-circle-bulletDeposits and withdrawals
  • green-circle-bulletPassword change

Manage your account through
“My Account”

  • green-circle-bulletDeposit funds and make withdrawal requests
  • green-circle-bulletKeep an eye on your daily reports
  • green-circle-bulletFamiliarise yourself with your account transactions
  • green-circle-bulletSee your account balance, the free and the used margin, realised and unrealised P/L
  • green-circle-bulletSwitch on or off the logical trading mode

DT Mobile

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