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Trading Position Calculator

Every trader knows that the secret to success depends mainly on careful preparation. A lot can happen when market volatility strikes, which is why we have created this calculator to help you assess the risks in advance and improve your chances of landing a successful trade.

How to use our trading position calculator

Using our forex calculator is no rocket science. Here is what you need to do.


Choose your trading platform
(Delta Trading or MetaTrader 5).


Choose the instrument you wish to trade (e.g. EUR/USD).


Select account currency and leverage type (for retail clients or for professional clients).


Choose whether you want to buy or sell the instrument.


Pick the quantity you wish to either buy or sell, the price at which you want to open or close your trading position, and the stop loss and limit price levels.


Click on “CALCULATE” to see the estimated earning potential of your trade.

Calculate your next trading position

*1 lot = of the base currency

Stop profit/loss:
Limit profit/loss:
Exposure symbol A:
Exposure symbol B:

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Frequently asked questions

Q. 1: What is the point of using a position calculator?

Our forex calculator gives you all the data you need, such as profit/loss ratios and margin requirements, in a single click so that you can focus your time and effort on other important aspects of your trading strategy.

Q. 2: Can I use the calculator to determine how risky my next trade will be?

Absolutely – you can use our tool to receive a ballpark estimate of what you stand to gain or lose from any given trade, as well as to determine your position sizing.

Q. 3: How does your tool calculate the end result?

To calculate your position, we multiply the position’s size by the difference in its opening and closing price (this difference is measured in pips). The final result is then converted into the currency of your account.

Q. 4: Does it matter which trading platform I choose for the calculation?

Yes, since Delta Trading and MetaTrader 5 offer different CFD instrument portfolios.

Q. 5: What do you mean by account currency?

In the “account currency” field, you need to select the currency that you opened your account in either the Delta Trading platform or the MetaTrader 5 platform.

Q. 6: What is leverage?

Leverage is the increased trading power available when using margin. Due to regulatory requirements, Deltastock offers different leverage to retail and professional clients and you need to select the option that corresponds to your client status. You can check the exact margin requirements for retail and professional clients in our CFD instruments section of our website.

Q. 7: What do opening/closing/stop-loss/limit prices mean?

The opening price is the value at which you want to open your position, while the closing price – the one at which you want to close your position.

A stop-loss price and a limit price is the point at which the trading platform automatically closes out your position once the price of your asset dips below or rises above a certain level. This is done with the help of special types of trading orders, called stop loss orders and limit orders.

Learn more about stop and limit orders. Научете повече за стоп и лимит нарежданията.
Q. 8: What do exposure symbols “A” and “B” mean?

In a currency pair, exposure symbol A is the first “half” of the pair, while exposure symbol B is the second “half”. For example, in USD/JPY, the U.S. dollar is symbol “A”, while the Japanese yen is symbol “B”.

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The data, generated by our position calculator, is to be used for information purposes only and should not be interpreted as a buy or sell recommendation. Despite our best efforts to provide you with up-to-date information, we also cannot guarantee its relevance or accuracy.

Deltastock AD assumes no responsibility for damages arising out of any person's reliance upon the data that is generated by the calculator. Deltastock reserves its right to change the information on this page at any time and without prior notice.