Deltastock MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is the successor of the popular trading platform MetaTrader 4. MT5 offers improved capabilities for trading in CFDs on various types of instruments: forex, shares, indices and other exchange traded instruments, including commodities. Additionally, the platform provides enhanced trading functionalities, tools for detailed technical and fundamental analysis, automated trading and more.

In comparison to its predecessor Deltastock MetaTrader 4, with Deltastock MetaTrader 5 you can trade a significantly wider selection of CFDs on various instruments and take advantage of a multitude of functionalities and platform personalisation options.

Why should I install Deltastock MetaTrader 5?

A modern platform with multiple functionalities and personalised scripts (e.g. closing of all positions with one click)

Trade in more than 800 CFDs on various assets: forex, shares, indices, commodities, ETFs, cryptocurrencies

Detailed charts, real-time quotes, analysis tools and automated trading – everything you need to build a successful strategy

Suitable both for beginner and advanced traders who seek a platform with vast capabilities

Powerful trading platform

  • green-circle-bulletOne-click trading from the price charts
  • green-circle-bulletProfessional tools for technical analysis: over 80 indicators and graphical objects and 21 timeframes
  • green-circle-bulletMarket, stop and limit orders
  • green-circle-bulletAutomated trading through Expert Advisors
  • green-circle-bulletVPS connection for your Expert Advisors: the first 3 months are FREE
  • green-circle-bulletFree resources: economic calendar, financial news and real-time quotes
  • green-circle-bulletFull trading history and trading diary, detailed account balance

Manage the risk of loss

  • green-circle-bulletStop-loss orders – automatic position closing when the market moves against you
  • green-circle-bulletLimit orders (buy/sell limit) – automatic buying or selling of an asset when it reaches a price set by you
  • green-circle-bulletStop limit (buy/sell stop limit) – a combination of a stop and a limit order which places a limit order for buying or selling once the asset reaches a predetermined stop level
  • green-circle-bulletTake profit orders – automatic closing of the position when a price rises to a level set by you

Two trading methods: hedging and netting

The MT5 trading platform offers two trading modes: hedging and netting.

With the hedging method you can have several open positions in one instrument (symbol), including opposite positions. If you have an open position in a certain instrument and execute a new trade (or a pending order is executed), a new position is opened. At the same time, the existing position does not change.

With the netting mode you can have only one position in a given symbol. If you have an open position, a trade executed in the same direction increases the position’s volume. If the execution of the trade is in the opposite direction, the position’s volume decreases. Also, the position can be closed (when the trade volume equals the position volume) or reversed (if the volume of the opposite trade exceeds that of the position).

Automated trading

The Deltastock MetaTrader 5 trading platform offers the automated trading functionality. It allows you to trade automatically through robots, also known as Expert advisors, that analyse the market and execute orders in accordance with your strategy. The VPS connection for your Expert Advisors ensures their uninterrupted and stable performance. The first 3 months are FREE and after that, the price is 50% off. The MQL5 programming environment allows traders and programmers of all levels to develop, test and optimise automated trading systems:

MQL5 Wizard – an assistant that provides directions on setting up a trading robot from ready-to-use elements, intended for beginner programmers

The MQL5 IDE programming language, the Strategy Tester for testing robots and strategies and the Language Reference library are intended for the more experienced programmers, but can be used by anyone

Take advantage of additional services

MetaTrader Market – purchase or download for free over 10,000 ready-made trading robots, scripts and additional indicators from the MT5 online store

Freelance – order a trading robot or an indicator from a professional programmer. You pay after you test and approve the application

Virtual Hosting – secure 24/7 safe operations by renting virtual hosting for your trading robots and indicators directly from the platform

Forum and chat – communicate with other traders across the world and discuss more general trading and market topics and specific cases


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