Margin requirement1

Professional Clients

Retail Clients

Automatic position close-out upon -50% shortage of margin

If the account balance falls below 50% of the used margin, the client’s position/s will be automatically closed, according to Art. 9.3.12 of the General Terms





Minimum order size

1 CFD = 1 unit

Maximum position size

Multiple of order size

1 unit


Long position

Short position


Trading Hours 4

1 In accordance with Art. 9.3.16 of the General Terms, Deltastock is entitled, at its own discretion, to change the minimum required margin for any certain CFDs, as well as individual Orders and/or Client accounts. In case of such changes, Deltastock will notify the Client by email.
In accordance with Art. 5.26 of the General Terms, Deltastock reserves the right, at its own discretion, to limit the amount of Margin, with the obligation to notify the Client of that circumstance. The limitations imposed may include any other measures that are required according to the applicable law, decisions by ESMA and/or national competent authorities of the Member States of the European Union, and also measures which Deltastock may deem necessary to protect its own interest or that of the Client. Deltastock is entitled to introduce the measures and restrictions provided by ESMA's decisions under Art. 40 of MiFIR and the local regulators under Article 42 of MiFIR in accordance with those decisions and without prior notification to the Client.


3 Dividend adjustment payments: payments similar to dividends, which are received/paid by clients who own CFDs on Shares, Indices and/or ETFs.

* Effective 01.03.2017, Deltastock is withholding a 30% tax on dividend-equivalent payments to all clients that haven’t submitted a W8-BEN form. Additional information can be found in the My Account section.

4 Eastern European Time (EET)

The closing time for trading the following instruments is 18:25 EET: ETF Eastern Europe, ETF EUITALY40, ETF Greece, ETF EUFRANCE40, ETF UK100, and ETF Turkey.



Min/Max Position Size

5 Even though the present instruments are listed on this page, they are not CFDs on ETFs. Rather, they are CFDs on Tracker Certificates and as such represent a special type of CFD on Exchange Traded Note (CFD on ETN). Those instruments are CFDs on Tracker Certificates that track the prices of the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ether and are issued in accordance with the Swedish legislation by XBT Provider AB (publ) on the basis of a prospectus that has been officially approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Contract Size

Minimum volume

Maximum volume

Volume step


Trading Conditions

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a marketable security that tracks the performance of an asset or a group of assets that may include indices, commodities, bonds, and other assets. Much like indices and shares, ETFs are also traded on exchanges. With Delta Trading and Deltastock MetaTrader 5, can be traded CFDs on ETFs tracking a variety of commodity, asset, or industry groups, including niche markets, like cannabis, disruptive tech, and the healthcare sector, at attractive commissions. With our proprietary platform Delta Trading, ETFs as “Cash CFDs”, without any interest fees or commissions can also be traded.

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