Account Funding - MetaTrader 4

Bank transfer The wire transfer fees --
Credit card 2% 5 EUR
At this moment you cannot make deposits to your trading account with a card, because you have not sent us the additional documents, required by us, and/or the card, whose copy you have sent us, is not approved.

Wire Transfer – Funds sent by wire are typically received by Deltastock within three to four business days and credited to the client's account on the day of receipt. All wire transfers should include the client's name (Ordering customer’s name) and trading account # (Details of payment) in the reference sections of the wire.

Click on your deposit currency in one of the options below to view the appropriate instructions for a wire transfer:

First Investment Bank – Bulgaria

Important: To speed up your wire transfers from the UK, please use the correspondent banks.

Banco Santander – Spain

Deltastock AD will convert all incoming EUR Bank Wire Transfers at the exchange rate of EUR/BGN = 1.9530.

The originator of the funds must always match the name listed as the Client on the trading account.

The incurred bank fees or/and commissions on wire transfers are at the Client's expense!

Please enter the MT4 login and password of the account you are going to fund:
Login ID:
Select Currency:
Some credit card operators require that the transfer currency is in the national currency. In this case select "BGN".
Amount: = BGN
Details of payment:

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