DeltaSMART Investment Account

With this new service by DeltaStock, you can invest in companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook, and also add to your portfolio the US30, EUGERMANY30 and other global indices. You can invest in Gold or Silver, without worrying about how and where to store it.

The DeltaSMART Investment Account gives you easy access to the financial markets in Europe, US and Asia. As opposed to traditional investment models, with DeltaSMART you pay no commissions, interest or account maintenance fees,no matter how often you invest.

Your profits depend entirely on the price changes of the assets bought and the dividends paid out. You can monitor and manage your investments at all times and have access to your funds, without limitations.

DeltaSMART is a good alternative to investing in real estate, bank deposits or high-yield offers but without their inherent disadvantages such as unclear risk, commissions and maintenance fees.

It all takes place online, with a single click in DeltaStock’s trading platform, which can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can constantly monitor your account status and react quickly to company news, financial reports or government announcements that could affect prices.

DeltaSMART in a nutshell:

Start with €1,000

Invest in global companies, indices and precious metals

Pay no fees, commissions or interest

Monitor your investments at all times

Have unlimited access to your funds

Investment Instruments

Your investment opportunities cover a wide range of financial markets, including global companies, precious metals and a selection of EU and US indices.

At present, we offer investment CFDs on over 700 Shares, 24 Indices, 45 ETFs, Gold and Silver.

Here you can find the full list of financial instruments. They are offered as non-leveraged derivatives by paying the full value of the asset.

Trading Conditions

Commissions None
Interest None
Minimum deposit €1,000
Minimum order value €100
Maximum order value No
Long positions Yes
Short positions No
Spread Variable
Dividend Shares The net dividend amount is paid.
Indices The weighted proportion of the applicable dividend within the underlying Index is paid.

To start investing with no fees or commissions, open your DeltaSMART account and within minutes you will have access to the global financial markets.